Shiny Abra!

Lonely persons like me always have free time do do crappy stuff that no one cares about… like Youtube Channels, Forums, view memes on Memebase, go to RedTube (because ya know… No girlfriend), listen to new music, update your Facebook profile picture once per week and your Twitter once per hour and finally create blogs were they can post crappy stuff that other people might enjoy to see or not.


So, that said. Apart from my TeeworldsTuto Youtube Channel I also have a few others.

This is one of them. 19K views. 300 dislikes. Cool hun? Haha


2 thoughts on “Shiny Abra!

  1. Heroi , here’s a pretty good challenge for ya ! try to post fully polite and serious in just ONE topic and show it to us and the reaction of deen (if he did react)

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