Heroi VS YemDX – The final duel


So, YemDicks had lost 10 minutes of his life creating this Vocaroo .

UPDATE: I’ve made an audio response.


This is my reply (Via PM):

“I guess I just love you. ❤
Dont you see that the video is like a joke, it’s not really based on the true?

And, yeah, I guess I’m trolling you by calling you a troll.
You didn’t used to care about my posts.
I thought you really didn’t care about my yemDX-related posts.

Note. I dont remember that IRC conversation.

About the time, you’re kinda right.
During the last 3 months I had nothing to do because I’m on holidays, but that’s over, since school is about to start and I’ll be from 7 am to 8 pm on school.

And tnx. Good thing you liked my video, it’s supposed to be funny.

And I guess I’m not gonna do a video response, I’ll publish your Vocaroo on my new blog though… And my reply?”


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