TeeDraws starts today!!1!

TeeDraws starts today!!1!

So, welcome to TeeDraws.
On this brand new blog you will be able to see the worst fan art someone can ever make.

History of TeeDraws:
One day I published some of my Draws on Teeworlds Forum, called the topic “Works of Art”.
After that m!nus have changed the name of the topic to “Works of Troll” xD!
No problem with that. As you can see the draws are “kinda” stupid and hopefully, funny as well.
Well, after that, YemDicks had published some random hate comment, something that i’m used to, lel.
I’ve made some art works just for him as well, but Dune had deleted them and closed the topic.

I’m happy to announce that my Draws are back!
On a new format that cannot be cencured by any mod!!1!

Be prepared to see lots of stupid draws and lots of YemDicks related draws!

Oh! And there’s more! I’ll also post some fails from the forum.
Remember TeeworldsForumFails? My old blog? (Probably not…)
The hosted shutted down, so all my content is gone. Eh… Nothing I can do about it.
Anyways! You will also see fails on this blog (You are already seeing one, this blog is a big joke)

Wait? Are you still reading this?
Or did you just skipped to the final of the post?
Anyways! Welkum!!


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