Teeworlds is almost on Steam!


One question I have is: Are the master servers going to support the number of players Steam can give us?

And what will happen when people start DDoSing those servers? We’ll have to wait to find out I guess.


Magnet Hates Me! ):

magnetcalledmeatrollMagnet, a member of the Development team, called me (HeroiAmarelo) a troll on a post made by him

Magnet, will you consider me a troller by telling you that I’m called “HeroiAmarelo”, not “HeroiAmarelo2014”?

I mean, it’s kinda obvious, but who knows? You might just be using your awesome imagination to create nicknames to users. I mean, what else do you have to do? Develop the game? Naaa. Fuck updates. Let’s type huge texts on the forum instead and not even explain or prove the text, just tell it without any numbers to explain it.

Oh? You don’t know what I’m talking about?


EDIT: WordPress give me a notification, this is my post number 50. Hurray. 50 posts on 350 days. lol

TeeDraws has just made 1 year?!

I was scrolling down the blog and I found out that today the 1st post on the blog was made 1 year ago.

Not that it actually matter or anything. but yeah! i feel i need to commemorate this not important date with you guys (Let me see… 1500 visits on 365 days.. That gives the average of 4 views per day. okay. it’s not much but for the content i present to you guys, it’s enough)


Animated version: http://www.sketchtoy.com/63023004

WERESTHECONTENTFor those of you who are like “Hey, I’m gonna see what’s new on Heroi’s blog” and find out that absoltuly nothing has been done, here’s my eexplanation

I dont give a fuck. okay? I have other things in my mind behinds crappy projects, like watching porn or complaining about how the girl I’m interested in doesn’t give a fuck about me (she actually left me for another dude, just to give you the point of the situation, oh, and she’s 12… or she was, she just made 13. And I’m 18. Yes, I’m a pedophile, so what? At least i have… oh wait. I had… a girlfriend)

Oh well.

Back to school everybody


Guys, I feel really sad because of this Ebola thing.

Not because I think it can destroy the humanity or because hundreds of people had died because of it, but because I’M BEING AFFECTED BY “EBOLA”.

No, I’m not sick at all.

I nicknamed my Tee “Ebola” and since then I’ve been blindly banned from DDRace servers, even thought I’ve done nothing wrong. This is pathetic.

This is what we call “Popular Music”

Here in Portugal good music is pretty rare, in fact, there are very few bands that are actually good.

Portugal is full of stupid parties with stupid music, the type of music that I’ll share with you guys is actually called “Portuguese Popular Music” because it’s REALLY popular. It’s the type of music you see on television during the week and on EVERY-SINGLE-PARTY (Exept teen parties like discos and stuff)

Enjoy. Not really.